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Using your Health Insurance for my services

Monday, April 30th, 2018

At this time I am taking new clients with Regence Blue Shield, First Choice Health Network, and United Health Care. First Choice and UHC clients can continue to book appointments from the regular service menu, as can L&I and PIP claims.

To book an appointment that will be paid for with your Regence health insurance, please choose “Insurance Session 60 Minutes” from the service menu on my booking site. You will then have to choose “Insurance A.” as your provider- this is still me, using a different provider name so I can distinguish between services.  There are a limited number of these sessions in my schedule, so it may be several months before an opening shows up on the calendar. You can also join the cancellation list (on the sidebar) for openings that come available.

For all clients using their health insurance, I ask that you have a prescription for massage from your doctor, regardless of whether your plan says you need one. Your prescription must include the proper ICD-10 diagnosis code/s and the number of sessions prescribed. Some Regence plans require pre-authorization for massage therapy treatment. Please click here to determine whether this affects you.

I no longer work as an Aetna or a Premera provider, but I can furnish you with the proper paperwork to get my work reimbursed at the out-of-network rate if you wish.