Bevin Keely, LMP


As a quick reference to the people and places I go to get myself taken care of, or have heard great things about from trusted sources, I offer you this list. I have gone into more detail about them here.

Christina Pappas– Craniosacral Therapy, deep tissue Swedish massage
Eve DeRooy– Craniosacral Therapy, Swedish massage, Somatic Experiencing/Organic Intelligence
The team at Banya 5– for sooner-rather-than-later needs

Kate Bradfield– Certified Advanced Rolfer
Michael Hahn– Visceral Manipulation, Hellerwork
Ron McComb– Certified Advanced Rolfer
Lisa Torrison O’Neil– Structural Integration Practitioner

Chiropractic Care
Jared Kohler– super gentle, does very specific atlas/axis work as well
Michael Ross– Active Release Technique and more traditional cracking

8 Limbs Yoga Centers
Kinesia Pilates
Vitality Pilates
Heroics Personal Training
Crossfit RE

Physical Therapy
Heidi Gans
Footworks Physical Therapy
Movement Systems Physical Therapy

Michelle Schwartz

Primary Care
Dean Chier, MD– Seattle Healing Arts Center has a great reputation.