Bevin Keely, LMP


As a quick reference to the people and places I go to get myself taken care of, or have heard great things about from trusted sources, I offer you this list. I have gone into more detail about them here.

Christina Pappas– Craniosacral Therapy, deep tissue Swedish massage
Eve DeRooy– Craniosacral Therapy, Swedish massage, Somatic Experiencing/Organic Intelligence
The team at Banya 5– for sooner-rather-than-later needs

Kate Bradfield– Certified Advanced Rolfer
Michael Hahn– Visceral Manipulation, Hellerwork
Lisa Torrison O’Neil– Structural Integration Practitioner

Chiropractic Care
Jared Kohler– super gentle, does very specific atlas/axis work as well
Michael Ross– Active Release Technique and more traditional cracking

8 Limbs Yoga Centers
Kinesia Pilates
Vitality Pilates
Heroics Personal Training

Physical Therapy
Heidi Gans
Footworks Physical Therapy
Movement Systems Physical Therapy

Talk Therapy
Kathi Buchanan (206) 931-4256
Charlotte House
Caleb Dodson
Alexandra Onno ‭(206) 949-4520‬

Michelle Schwartz

Primary Care
Dean Chier, MD– Seattle Healing Arts Center has a great reputation.

Suzanne Ragan Lentz
Eric Thorton
Katie Poinier