Bevin Keely, LMP

October Mailer (Free Massage Drawing!)

October Mailer Image

I sent out a mailer last week to all clients whose snail-mail addresses I have on file. Here is what it said:

On December 15, I will be giving away a
to one lucky client! Winner will be notified only by email. Make sure I have your email address by sending me a quick email with the subject line “FREE MASSAGE DRAWING” and assure your chance to win. Do it right now:

Greetings, all!
I have just finished the three-year Somatic Experiencing training offered by the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute. After a few more hours of case consultation with my more experienced colleagues, I will be certified as an SE practitioner (SEP). This means that in addition to soothing your aching muscles with massage and moving your restricted fascia with Structural Integration I can now help you explore how your nervous system may be holding you in chronic patterns of discomfort. I’ve added a page on my website to explain the Somatic Experiencing work more clearly if you want to know more.

Also on my website:
• A new page that summarizes the types of bodywork I offer and why you may want to choose each one.
• Purchase Gift Certificates to either print instantly or have me send the old-fashioned way.
• Blog entries linking to cool videos and articles about the work I do, and occasionally my own thoughts.
• Online Scheduling, Payment, and Cancellation List signup.

For your convenience, I can now take your credit cards in my office as a means of payment. I am also raising my baseline prices by $5, starting with credit card and PayPal payments and gradually working into my cash/check customers.

I feel my age when I tell you that this August marked the end of my 18th year in practice. I still feel like I am learning every day, which I suppose will always keep me somewhat young. Please know that I truly appreciate the part that you play in making my career fulfilling. Thank you so much for your patronage over these many years, for your kind referrals, and for your trust and good will. I hope that I can be of service to you for many years to come.
All my best,