Bevin Keely, LMP

Free Massage Winner!

Today was the day of the drawing I advertised in my October mailing– one lucky client from my (1500-person!) database would be drawn from a hat and win a 90-minute massage. The only catch was that I needed an email address to inform the winner with, so I pulled about five or six names before I got to someone whose email I had. This turned out to be a client who had just canceled an appointment for next week for being holiday-broke! The horrible irony is that I had already given away his appointment when his name was drawn :(. He’s on the cancellation list, though, things could look up for him soon :).
Glad to hear from the rest of you. Sorry you didn’t win; I would have loved to be able to make all of you winners, but a lady has to eat.
My best to you all as we pass through the winter solstice, we’re about to swing back towards the light again and I can’t wait.