Bevin Keely, LMP


I hope this note finds you well and thriving, finding renewed strength and vigor with the increasing light and warmth of spring. Tulips and daffodils remind me where I was a year ago and I am grateful that we are no longer there… I suspect that it will be another full round of seasons before we begin to feel truly unfettered, but the vaccines bring hope with each jab and better weather means more opportunities for movement and connection, which is a relief.

I want to share with you some changes that are already or will be happening in my practice in the coming months:


  • As many of you know, my schedule has been really difficult to get into for quite awhile. I have started to limit bookings to just the next 90 days, so that it doesn’t get packed quite so far out there. This feels less stressful to me, but also makes it look like I have stopped practicing when you go to book a session. I am working, I am just fully booked! I think it opens up the next month for booking as each month expires.
  • If your lifestyle supports a regular appointment time, I can set you up with reoccurring appointments on my end at an interval of your choice. There will be discounts for reoccurring appointments in my new pricing structure (see below).
  • Starting in September, I will be holding a few sessions each week in reserve for series work. If you find yourself wanting to do a series (3 to 10 sessions) of Structural Integration, reach out, I will hook you up.
  • Also please reach out if you are in pain, I can sometimes find a cancellation or squeeze you in on the margins of the day. I have a cancellation list you can join on the sidebar of my website for less urgent needs.

I will be consolidating my hourly rate this fall so that no matter what service you are receiving the cost will be the same. This means that some of you will be paying more for the work you previously received, and some will be paying less. All of my skills are always present in every session; this change reflects that truth. More details about this shift will be forthcoming as the time draws near. *All sessions will be charged at the rate shown when they were booked, so nothing changes for future appointments you already have on the books.

In September I will no longer be a Regence BlueShield preferred provider. This was a difficult decision for me but the fact is that I cannot afford to work for what Regence reimburses, and by limiting my Regence sessions I am depriving their insured of a fully available practitioner. This began to feel like an equity issue to me, so I will be leaving their panel in hopes that some hungry young LMT will join in my stead and want to do all the work that I could not. I will gladly provide the documentation you need for out-of-network reimbursement, and I will still have some form of sliding scale or reduced rate available.

Business Name and Website
Finally, and most dramatically, I am changing the name of my business to Thrive Together Healing Arts, PLLC. This is potentially a step towards building a home for other skilled bodyworkers to join me, but the important thing for now is that I will be using this name for my website and for MassageBook, and it will still be me in there, doing what I do.

As these changes roll out I will send out reminders and fill in details.

Thanks for bearing with me. It is always an honor to be on your team, helping you live more fully and comfortably in your body. Be well,