Bevin Keely, LMP

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is a good choice for stress reduction, for nurturing yourself, and for reducing aches after a good workout.

Stress reduction cannot be underestimated as a therapeutic goal. Taking a layer of strain out of your system can work wonders for general adaptability, as well as restoring your energetic reserves.

Since I am also certified as as Structural Integration Practitioner, I use myofascial release techniques in addition to Swedish massage if your needs are more treatment-oriented, and will likely recommend doing a Structural Integration series if you have a chronic problem. Increasingly, I am incorporating Somatic Experiencing techniques into all of the bodywork I do, as the nervous system plays a crucial role in holding tension throughout the body.

Massage Table

During a massage, the client is draped with a sheet, and likely a blanket, which is then pulled back to reveal only the body part being massaged at the moment. I use organic food-grade coconut oil to reduce friction, chosen for its fabulous texture and rich skin-nourishing qualities.

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