Bevin Keely, LMP


Our bodies are our vehicles in this life, our vessels for every experience we have. Bodywork techniques of all kinds have been developed with the intention of optimizing those experiences, of refining our relationship with our physical being and enhancing our journey on the planet. My training has primarily been in the following forms of bodywork, and though I bring all of my training into every session I give, your intention guides how much of each I offer to you in your session.

Massage is a good choice for maintaining a nurturing relationship with your body. Choose massage for reducing stress, treating general aches and pains, and recovering from strenuous workouts. Massage is also an appropriate choice if you are dealing with a short-term problem like tendonitis or whiplash.

Structural Integration and Rolf Movement (SI) provide a chance to methodically explore where the relationship of body and self might be stuck. SI addresses patterns of strain and imbalance through the connective tissue of the body, seeking lift where there is drag and adaptability over fixation. If you have chronic pain or discomfort, this series-based inquiry may give you better insight into how to care for yourself as a physical being in the pull of Earth’s gravity.

Somatic Experiencing (SE) is a process of listening to our physiological cues and honoring the organic intelligence of the body. Some chronic tension and pain won’t respond to simple tissue manipulation. By attending to the nervous system, SE can offer relief for physical and emotional trauma, subtle and explicit wounds. It is both a standalone and complementary technique, offering healing on its own or blended with other forms of bodywork.

Click through to read more about any of these modalities. If you are still not sure which type of work best suits your needs, you can call or email me, or book yourself some Massage time and we can decide together when you come in.