Bevin Keely, LMP

Directions, parking, and building access

PLEASE NOTE– some GPS systems (including the iPhone) will try to send you on a wild goose chase. I’m in the Urban WORKLoft building near the intersection of Airport Way South and S. Horton Street, and the Rainier Brewery with the big red “R” is just north of me. You’ll have to use common sense to navigate, just like the old days!


My office is located at 918 South Horton Street, suite 805. South Horton street is a little stub that looks more like a driveway between the Urban Work Loft building (where my office is) and the Fabriform building; it is marked by sandwich boards on Airport Way that say “URBAN STORAGE” on either side. At this time, there is a big construction mess between my building and Airport Way, which will make it hard to miss and probably harder to park. Sorry about that.

Building access is through the garage on the back of the building, even if you are on foot or bike. The elevators on the ground floor level outside do not have an intercom you can call from. If the construction mess is too crazy, you can always park down by the Tully’s on the North end of our large SODO block, or approach my garage from South Stevens Street where you can drive up and behind the Rainier Brewery and drop down again to the Urban WORKLoft garages. The loading ramp at the top of the driveway does have an outside intercom at the door if you should find yourself there. Could this be more complicated?

In a vehicle:

  • Find the driveway behind the building and come on up into either garage level (2 or 3).IMG_3393
  • Parking spots marked “GUEST” are for you, there should be two at either end of both parking levels. If the garage is totally full or you have a tall or large vehicle, park somewhere around the outside of the building (you may have to go all the way to the Tully’s down the street) and walk back up to the garage. All parking is free.
  • There are directory phones at either end of the garage. (These are not the little keypad boxes next to the doors, but a phone you can pick up and dial.) You can look me up by name, under the B’s for Bevin, or just dial 0805 and I will buzz you in.
  • Take the elevator to the 8th floor and I will meet you at the elevator lobby. The elevator will not allow you to go to the 8th floor unless I buzz you in.
  • After hours access—the garage gate will open automatically for your vehicle.

On foot or bike:

  • Enter through the garage the same way the cars do, then follow the intercom directions as above.
  • After hours access– please call me as you are approaching the building (206-343-9653) and I will come down and meet you at the ground floor elevator/loading dock (on the Right in this picture). If you don’t have a cell phone, you will have to go up the alley all the way to the top loading dock where there is intercom access.

Please do not call up more than 5 minutes before your appointment time, as I may still be working with another client.

Public Transportation (from Pioneer Square)

The SODO light rail stop is about a 14 minute walk from the Urban Work Lofts.

Google Maps does a good job of letting you know your bus options, and the Metro Trip Planner shows rides that take only 7-12 minutes from downtown, some of which will drop you right in front of the building and others near the Spokane Street stop at the end of the SODO Busway, an eight-minute walk.